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Hygiene, which means the science of health in medical terms, is all of the information and applications that are necessary to preserve health in individuals and in societies. In particular complying with hygiene rules in places like schools, businesses, hospitals and factories, where people are forced to exist collectively, has become a requirement.

This is because hygiene can prevent micro-organisms reproducing and being transmitted to people. In this context another issue that must be dealt with is sanitation.

Hygiene and sanitation are actually concepts that complete each other and are relevant to each other. Sanitation, which is more widely accepted as a science that is known and applied to ensure hygienic conditions in the food and food sector, is a process that includes the use of necessary temperatures and chemicals with tools and equipment to reduce the level of micro-organisms found in the environment of food and beverage operations to a safe level.

The group of processes that are included in both hygiene and sanitation to destroy or limit the production of micro-organisms that damage food and other substances and make them perish, is called disinfection.

Another process that is implemented for the same purpose is sterilization. While only micro-organisms and living creatures that create disease and cause damage are targeted in disinfection, destroying all of the micro-organisms in an environment or on an object is the goal of sterilizing.

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in public areas like restaurants, malls, public toilets and factories is a very difficult task. The hygiene in a place deeply affects the whole image of the venue. Studies have shown that a restaurant which is sensitive about toilet cleanliness also give the consumer the image that they show the same sensitivity in the services they provide.

Carpex Corporate produces “hygienic touch” products with awareness for protecting human health.

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