LC waikiki mağaza kokulandırma sistemi ve koku yayma makineleri


Carpex has designed a special signature corporate fragrance for LC Waikiki as the result of months spent on surveys and studies. For over a year all of the LC WAIKIKI stores throughout Turkey are being scented with a special essential combination made of the essences derived from green apples, peaches, sea scents, sesame, jasmine and soft trees.

The fragrance specially created for LC WAIKIKI causes a number of different emotions to be experienced at the same time with its rich content. This fragrance increases vital energy, gives the feeling of renewal, has a hint of bergamot and apple on the high notes, rose at the midpoints and maximizes energy with jasmine and bergamot, turning this into positive energy with the effect of lemon. The floral accents in the lower notes of the scent combined with the musk scent create a feeling of cleanness and simplicity. When all of the notes in the scent and the emotions they create are combined: LC WAIKIKI represents refreshment, revitalization and the pure and cleanliness that follows purification.




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