In the project being conducted by Carpex Corporate in the field of corporate fragrances with Toyota Turkey Sales and Marketing Inc., a first in Turkey was realized. The most popular fragrance that was determined after nearly 9 months of studies and surveys conducted among Toyota plaza customers and employees was designated as Toyota’s corporate fragrance. The floral fragrance of Toyota, which contains no alcohol and was created with a combination of natural essences, was derived from the essences of pepper, rose, jasmine, cardamom and cilantro.

This new fragrance which is the common scent throughout all of the Toyota plazas in Turkey and the focus of great attention, has been greeted with great approval by visitors of the Toyota Plazas. Toyota’s floral fragrance, which was created based on the calming, refreshing, balancing and cheering effects of smell on people, was chosen from among hundreds of scents. The fragrance selected by Toyota customers and plaza employees will be presented in the form of wet wipes, boxes of scent for vehicles, a special bamboo home perfume, room perfume, car perfume and odor removal spray. With this application everyone can use this fragrance in the cars, home and offices whether they own a Toyota or not.

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