Türk Telekom, Turkey corporate signature fragrance activity


As a result of extensive inquiry activities and long lasting design process, Carpex Corporate’s expert perfumers designed corporate identity fragrance of Türk Telekom.

Now, all Türk Telekom stores in Turkey are aromatized by the fragrance Sense of Communication specially designed by Carpex corporate. Featuring fully natural essence oils, this fragrance carries the power of communication to your sense of smell.

Fragrance of refreshing, energetic and live fruits meets the flowers of Anatolian territories. Prelude with energetic and vivid touch of bergamot, apple and red currant is followed by notes with flowery character of rose of Turkey, mystical jasmine and violets. And it greets us with a soft closure created by musk, slight woody notes and amber.


Einige Marken, mit denen wir bezüglich der Duftsysteme zusammen arbeiten

  • Institutionelle Düfte sollten ein Kennzeichen Ihrer Firma sein.

  • Carpex entwickelt Ihre Düfte speziell für Sie.

  • Düfte beeinflussen 60% des Entschlusses zum Kauf.


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